Emergency medical care in Mexico

We live fulltime in Kino Bay, travel frequently to Tucson for our medical care at the VA there. Here is my account of our recent experience with emergency medical care and surgery in Mexico.
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Glad your husband is doing better.  Accidents do happen and that's a reason to make plans before they do. 

That is one reason we picked Rosarito for our condo.  We will only have Medicare and AARP Medicare supplemental so need to be able to get to San Diego ASAP for anything major.  We might also buy a GeoBlu expat plan.  But I need to look at that in more detail.

Thanks for the great entertaining and useful info!

We looked into the "medi-flight out" plans, but our location is 10 miles from our meager airstrip, and 60 miles from Hermosillo's airport. Any true emergency has a high rate of "too late". We do have Red Cross ambulance service, but there's usually delays to get fuel, no oxygen etc. We've accepted it.

Fantastic story, well told! (Well, not for Ron,  I guess.) But it looks like it all ended well.

Thanks,  Barbilou.


Most Medi flight plans require you be admitted to a local hospital then be evac to another hospital. 
What I like about GeoBlue (Blue Cross) is they have preferred providers all over the world and if you use one they don't require money upfront.  They will cover medical treatment and evac to the US if needed. 
I bought the annual plan for spouse and I last year when we were traveling to Maldives and a south American cruise.  I had a list of the PP hospitals and MD's along our route just incase.  I haven't explored the expat policy.  But our annual policy was about $400 for both of us.  It is age dependant.

With GeoBlue you only have certain providers where you don’t have to pay in advance. When I had a travel policy visiting San Miguel de Allende the only hospital that I would not have to pay upfront. And it was in Querétaro. I did not have to use their service but I recommend clarifying your benefits before purchase. I have researched other providers of a 10000 dollar deductible policy for Mexico only and the premium for 60-65 is $190 month and will double 65 -70 and double again after 70. Coverage isn’t cheap but is for catastrophic coverage anything below 10k USA has to be paid in cash. Lower deductible policies would require higher premiums

Thanks for sharing your experience. You’re valuable in an emergency! This will help me plan for my trip to Oaxaca this summer.

Quite frankly the medical care in the US is so bad, that I'd rather just chance getting all of it in Mexico instead of the US.    I'm thinking of just ditching Medicare altogether even.

I understand and agree with your assessment of US medical system but think twice about ditching Medicare. For every year you opt out you will pay a 10 percent per year penalty for the rest of your life if you go back on Medicare. So for example if you opt out for 5 years then you return, you will pay 150% for the rest of your life. So after ten years of returning you will have paid back the five years you skipped. And if you live beyond that time you will pay much more than if you just stayed in the program. The only way to WIN if you quit Medicare is to NEVER return. Are you willing to gamble that??  Good luck regardless of your decision.

Thank you for that info.  I would like to know more about the coverage you mentioned.  $400 annually for the both of you sounds like quite a bargain.  Do you have a website address please?

That would be the GeoBlue site.

$400 would be a travel policy, not an expat policy. See my comment above related to ex pat policy premiums. 10000 dollar deductible México only policy $190 month if 60-64 doubles at 65 then double again at 70. It’s a very tricky space and differs widely on many variables. I have about a year and a half before I must decide (at age 64) and I’m literally scared to death and intimidated by the wide variety of choice and information (good and bad) on the forums. Some forums seem established for the sole purpose of selling services. How can their input be trusted?

I would love to know what plan you are on that is so cheap?



No longer enamored with my husband's medical care at CIMA hospital in Hermosillo. Spouse has extensive nerve damage in that leg, zero improvement since surgery. That leg is now shorter than the other, no feeling below the knee and can't move his foot. Using a walker and leg brace (foot drop). The VA in Tucson says it's the worst outcome they've seen from a total hip replacement, and we should file for malpractice.
In Mexico, most malpractice claims are best handled by arbitration. Currently looking for a malpractice attorney in Hermosillo to get this started. Any attorney recommendations?

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