If you want to live in Yucatan and have the wherewithal...

If you want to live in Yucatan and have the wherewithal for it and not in the need to find a job to support yourself; but have no idea where to settle, what to do or how and where to start, and if you have not yet defined what you really want, then I can help you out see more clearly and share with you useful information, because I've already underwent through your situation and have passed through the whole process successfully. The whole idea is to settle in the right place, live happily, with the least effort and expenses.

Yess!  thanks for your offer.   My husband and myself hope to be moving to TAO at Akumal late summer or so.  We have done research and stayed in the area some but, of course a few questions.  Like medical insurance?  I know we need private.  I will be 66 and he will be 61 at the time.  Also how to get my large 55# dog-and cat there.  Think we fly down with cat etc then will be buying a small SUV once there and driving back to NE to get the dog.  And whatever else we can fit in it.  Driving thru Mexico with a dog?  Any suggestions or ideas on anything would be most welcome!  Thanks    Jan

What you ask me is not what I offered to advice and help with, but nonetheless I can tell you this: US insurance does not cover you in México. Find a Mexican health insurer.
Fly the dog. It is not safe traversing México by road from the border, or else embark yourself with the dog in the cargo and passenger ship that crosses the gulf from Galveston TX to Progreso, 30 minutes north of Mérida. Do an Internet search and find the name of the ship company and timetable.


This link might help you with some of the rules and issues you might encounter.

Look-up Tangerine Travels in Youtube.  They are a couple living in Mexico (right now they are in Puerto Morelos) that drove down from the US with their large Husky and Orange (Tangerine) Prius.

Dear Gabriel,

Just a clarification regarding private health insurance options in Mexico.

Below please find the different types of private health insurance:

1. Mexican Health Insurance plans - offered by Mexican health insurance companies.

2. International Health Insurance plans - offered by Mexican & foreign companies registered in Mexico.

3. Expat Health Insurance plans - offered by offshore health insurance companies with headquarters in the US and Europe. 

Of the three, the Expat health plans are the only ones that offer customer service and important policy documentation in English.

If anyone has questions about health insurance in Mexico works, feel free to private message me.

All the best,
Melanie -
Bilingual health insurance advisor in Mexico

Thank you for offering your knowledge. I’m finding hard to navigate and different answers every where I look.

But my story is a 25yo male with a pension of $1836 (USD) and a rental property (paid for) that brings in $750 (USD) for a total of $2536 (USD). I have a fiancé 24yo female with no income once we depart. We currently have small cash savings around $5000 (USD) and growing and a vast amount of gold and silver( I assume to be worthless for this process due to proving its monetary value but would prefer not to cash out and leave in the U.S. for a safety net/fall back if we decide to come back).

I need to know if one, we have enough money to get a temp visa?
Two, If I can consider her a dependent as a fiancé?
And three, if $2500 (USD) can allow a young thrifty couple to live a comfortable life in Mexico for a couple of years with plans on getting into the tourism business at a later point (possibly dive/snorkel charter).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give. I can gladly give more information.

P.S. we are both debt free

Hello there.

I asume you are Tucker and she must be Bella.

I am Gabriel. I am in WhatsApp. My phone No is:***. Message me, that'll be faster.

I am living in a rural estate, midway berween Mérida and Cancún, 10 km south of Valladolid town.

I asume you have already chosen the State of Yucatán as a good living option. I belive it's a good choice for many reasons.

Your income is more than enough to cover for your monthly expensas, for both of you.

First thing, if you haven't already done so, you have to come visit first, spend a couple of weeks to get familiar, figure things out and ponder your options. Come to where I am, so we can meet and this way I can orient you and open your eyes.

It is too soon for you to think about getting a permanente stay permit. On entering México you will be granted a 6 month temporary stay permit, which can upon request, be extended for another six months. Once you make up your mind about living here, then you can think about yor resident status and I can advise you about what to do. It's easy.

Keep your precious metal in the US, with someone you trust. The price will go up parabolically and there will come a time for you to cash in. Keep it safe meanwhile.


I think what I've said covers pretty much your queries. Feel welcomed to ask anything and take your time.

Where in the States are you?

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We reside is a rural area of Tennessee. Palmyra to be exact. We have visited prior and have a loose final destination at this point. Planning on a day to three months of travel till we find that spot. I’ll download what’s app tomorrow morning for future conversing. But the precious metals would stay with my parents.

If I’m understanding you correctly your saying we should come down as tourist rather then getting temp visas? Which in turn would require a trip back to our home embassy to start visa process?

I may have some or all of the above wrong. I’m so grateful to be able to talk to someone finally about all this.

And say we come for the 6 months and extend another 6 months or however we take root in Mexico, will my $2500 or month cover the requirements of the visa for the both of us.

Americans do not need a visa to enter México. I would advise, to reduce expenses, that you  come visit first alone, yet in any case you both are welcomed to stay here if you so wish.


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Hi Bellatucker'

Most of your questions can be answered by the Mexican counsel in your state. It looks like you will have enough income.

This website will help with the visa basics. When you figure out where you are going and have more questions we will be glad to help. https://www.mexperience.com/do-i-need-a … it-mexico/

Hi "Bellatucker", here is the link to the Mexican consulate in the visa section, the requirements are all listed.

Personally, I suggest you call the consulate and ask them your questions just like I did myseft in 2017, in case is personal and evaluated individually not family.

Also note that a temporary or permanent resident status doesn't allow you to work!!!

https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/dallas/ind … 17-35/visa

Buena suerte en su proyecto, GyC.

A Residente Permanente visa does allow you to work.

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