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I’m having a mental breakdown over this so I’m hoping that somebody will be able to offer me some reassurance! I’m a British citizen who is married to an Algerian and I recently returned to the U.K. from Algeria to give birth to our son. Unfortunately, my husband was unable to accompany me to the U.K. for the birth because he does not hold a U.K. visa. I hope to return to Algeria as soon as possible and have applied for a British passport on behalf of my son. I intend to register his birth at the Algerian Consulate in London, but am desperately worried about the parental authorisation! The website of the Algerian Consulate states that the father must be present at the consulate in order to sign the parental authorisation in the presence of the officer in charge, but this is not possible in our situation, since my husband is in Algeria and is unable to come to the U.K. How can we resolve this? And is a parental authorisation even necessary, given that our son is a British citizen? I am losing my mind over this, fearful that my husband will be unable to see his son because of one document 😢 Any advice or reassurance would be gratefully received!

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Get your husband a spouse visa

May God help you sister
Where did you marry your husband? In Algeria?
This is an easy way to get a marriage contract, if you don't have one, but it needs to be done in Tunisia and not in Algeria, in Algeria it can take up to 8 months, but in Tunisia just 3 to 4 days.

1- Obtain the certificate of marriage efficiency for the wife
You go to your wife's embassy
For example, I went to the US Embassy and the wife takes with her:
* Passport for the wife
* Passport for the husband
* Costs of this paper (costs vary from state to state, eg US Embassy
The costs were 35 US dollars)

Obtain the certificate of the marriage efficiency of the husband
Go to the Algerian consulate in the district of Montpellier - mon plaisir _
( in the capital TUNIS)
Accompanied by the following documents
* Birth Certificate No. 12 in Arabic or French (it does not matter)
* Certificate of birth of the wife in French or Arabic (translate the birth certificate of the wife into French or Arabic if in another language - translation is 25 Tunisian dinars around 1500 Algerian Dinars -)
* Certificate of the efficiency of marriage to the wife, which was extracted from the embassy (replica)
* Your celibacy certificate
* Copy of your passport (husband's passport)
* A copy of the wife's passport
-1 Tunisian dinar costs this paper
You will get the paper in 30 or 40 minutes

Go to a general practitioner for a medical certificate
For you and the wife to prove that you are not infected with contagious diseases, may God reward you
The certificates cost about 40 to 50 Tunisian Dinars
About 3000 to 3500 Algerian dinars

Go to the notary
Accompanied by the following papers
* Your birth certificate number 12
* Your celibacy certificate
* Certificate of the efficiency of marriage for the husband
* Certificate of marriage efficiency of the wife
* Copy of the passport of the husband
* The passport of the wife
* Birth certificate of the original wife and translated into Arabic or French
Marriage costs estimated at 140 Tunisian Dinars
+ Two witnesses and prefer to be Algerians
Go to the door of France -port de france - (in the capital TUNIS)
You will find a lot of Algerians there  who will testify with you free of charge

5- Obtain a marriage contract for you and for the wife
Procedures for your wife's move to her country
The transaction costs you 70 Tunisian Dinars + 22 Tunisian Dinars
Where the notary public will establish the marriage in the Tunisian court and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia
It gives you a copy in Arabic and a copy in the language of the wife's country

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