Letter of Consent

Hi.  My wife and I have been in Singapore for over 2 years now and recently she just got a job offer as front desk.  The job is only part time for a dental clinic.  She is my dependent and the clinic has filed for her LOC for over a week now.  Based from MOM it takes within 3 weeks to process.  However when I checked the status online (EP Online) there is no pending for LOC but shows only her status for dependent pass.  Is there a different website to check status for LOC application?  Also can anyone share their experience in submitting of loc? Any rejection experiences? Thank you!😊

You can check the status on below link.
https://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permi … -and-forms

Chances are high to get approved but any false information or data would lead to rejection. MoM will check your data credentials before they approve your LOC, so have patience. Good luck

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