Call for Contributions! Share your opinions on living in Singapore.

About the research:
I'm a research fellow at the University of Tokyo, and my research is regarding the motivations of 'Highly-skilled Foreign Workers' or 'Global Talent' to stay in Singapore and apply for Permanent Resident (PR) status.

For this study, I'm interested in both men and women, and age is not a factor. It does not matter whether or not you have an interest in becoming PR -- the point is that, as an Employment Pass (EP) holder or Dependent Pass (DP) holder (spouse of EP), you would meet the government criteria for application and potential acceptance. I'm interested in the motivations and thought processes that shape highly-skilled foreign workers' decisions to become PRs in Singapore or not. So, if you aren't a PR and/or don't want to become a PR, that is just as valuable as if you were a PR or did want to become one.

Interviews will be one-on-one and can be held either via video chat or in-person at any location that is convenient to the participant -- at an office or in a cafe, etc. Each semi-structured interview will last one to two hours. It could be an interesting self-reflection exercise for participants -- all my pilot survey members really enjoyed the process. It is 100% confidential. So, there's absolutely no worries!

Participants must:
1. Be American, Australian, or British citizens
2. Have lived in Singapore for at least one year
3. Have one of the following visa statuses - Employment Pass (EP), Permanent Resident (PR), or Dependent Pass (DP) as a spouse of an EP or PR

If you are interested and meet the criteria above, please respond to this thread. I will send you a more detailed description of the research, as well as a consent form for you to review at your leisure. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation!


Hello Lauren,

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I would suggest that you drop a free advert in the Singapore classifieds section > Testimonies.

I hope that you will find enough respondents required for your research to be successful.

All the best  :top:


Thank you Diksha! I'll check it out!

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