Salary expectations for a branded marketing manager and content

Good morning to everyone

I graduated in marketing and work in this field with passion and experience :) I m looking for job in Germany in this field.
I would need advice about the salary for this position Brand & Content Marketing Manager for e-commerce in Munich.
Regarding the standard of living and average salaries, what could be the monthly gross salary to ask
I have 1 experience as a Marketing Specialist in the same business and 29 years of age, single.

The salary you can achieve depends on too many factors, many of which cannot be predicted here, to give you any meaningful answer.
I suggest you consult online salary surveys, which you can find on the Internet.

And the most important factor will be how good your German is. As an EU citizen you are allowed to work in Germany but there are few jobs and usually only in specific fields if you don't speak good German.

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