Hi ,
I had sign an offer letter with a company but there is no record found at my end .
I texting the manager for application number but there is no reply from her .
I tried to check it thru EPOL but there is no record found when I key in the date and the FIN number .
When I key my passport and birthday it’s had shown my old record .
It’s close to the 30dAy that I can stay at Singapore .
May I know how can I know and when it’S will show in the system ?
I know some say few day to one week but I keep checking Everyday it’s still nothing show .
I had sign the offer letter on Tuesday and I had already submitted all the necessary documentation.
Thank you

If your employer has submitted the application it should appear within 2-3days max. You  better contact your employer through formal email and asked for information about the application.

In many cases it takes time due to mistakes done by the employer. MOM will not accept incomplete applications and you will not see in their online system until they accept it from their end.

Hi ,
Thank you for your reply
The manager texted me asking me about the HDB occupied status and also send me a screenshot of declaration ask me to declare on 21st Feb 2019 .
Previously I was on Work permit on my ex company , and they change the pass for me from WP to S pass and I able to see after the had summit within one day .
Why this time round I’m not able to see and it’s show me the previous company result when I key in my passport and birthday .

It doesn't make sense.

Submitting an application to MOM is something else. Seems they have not submit your application yet. First confirm that with your employer. Always try to communicate through an official email.

It looks to me your employer didn’t submit the application at EPOnline. You should ask them when are they going to submit your application.

If you are in Singapore, then be prepared to leave the country after your valid visa period is over. Don’t overstay here at any circumstances. Good luck

Hi ,
I saw the new status on Monday .
They submitted on 21st Feb .
Until today it’s still pending 😊

Hi ,
They actually did submit the application .
I saw the status on Monday and it’s actually show that they apply on 21st Feb .
The status is still pending now 😊

Previously my ex-employer had upgraded my WP to S pass
They apply for my on 19 Dec 2018 and I get it approve on 26th Dec 2018z
Hopefully this round will be the same .

Hope for the best Jes93..

Yup .
Haha .
It’s still pending .
Last tome apply on 19
26 get approved

Just an update my application had approved yesterday .

Application - 21 Feb 2019
Approval - 3rd March 2019

Now waiting for the employer to send me an IPA

Hi friends..   
my application applied on 28/01/2019.. Today I checked my status, it shows no record found.. I contact my employer, he told, my application applied with his singpass account. So nobody seen your application status,it requires OTP so me(employer) only see the application status..
Is it true or not..??
Please reply ...

That's strange. I've never heard such thing before.

As far as I know you can see the status of the application on MOM website.

Why don't you ask for the Application number and kindly ask for a Screenshot of the application from what he has access. :)

Ok.. thanks skykes

Which way your employer apply, an employee can see the status in EPOnline using your passport. Check after few days again, if still no record then either your employer didn’t complete the submission or ask them to provide a screenshot of your application status using their corporate SingPass to confirm their claim. Good luck

There is only one record for you, and all applications submitted under your name are visible there. Your employer is wrong!
However, if you log in with your passport details (rather than your FIN number), this often does not work (for reasons unknown). So ask your employer for the FIN number (which is issued soon aftr they submitted the application) and log in with that.
The FIN number is yours for life (or at least until you become PR or citizen) and remains the same for all future work passes (also at other employers), so keep it well!

Thanks beppi...

Thanks surya2k...

Hi! I can see that this forum is really helpful. In my case I am still waiting for my work pass to approve since last February 20, 2019. I ask my employer any update regarding my application but she said still pending for approval. I tried to check on EPOnline using my passport number but error: no record found. Just today I asked my employer the FIN number and date of application and still waiting for the reply. As I thought it is confidential and only employers are allowed to see the FIN and check the status but in my case it is really frustrating waiting without any updates. Hopefully my employer allows me to check my pass status on my own.

The FIN is yours and will stay with you through all job and visa changes - until you either become PR/citizen or leave Singapore forever.
You have to use it in all dealings with officialödom in Singapore, from visa, tax matters, bank account to using public libraries.
So ask for it and keep it well!

@beppi Thank you for immediate response here.

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