Part Time Basic Cleaning Service In Bangsar South

I am getting various calls messages for 2-4 Hours work but if I ask someone to come for cleaning service for 1 hour they don’t agree.

How about your experiences and what rate do part time maids charge.

Please let me know your experiences

Hi.Madam my rate per hour RM 25 and mim 3 hours . If you need cleaning your condo on Saturday or Sunday I m free . Thank you.

Thank you for your reply.

As I have mentioned clearly I need for one hour twice a week on weekdays.

I don’t want on weekends.

I am getting various calls for 2 hours.

But since my condo is small I want for one hour only.


Hi Sandhya,

Wondering if you have found someone to help with your house cleaning yet?

I am using app kaodim for any service, I need as i am not aware whom to call.  I use this app for services i need for Aircon servicing etc it also have house cleaning.

Invite Link:

Request for House Cleaning  Link: … 5499999992


Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors
Throwing away of rubbish
Dusting and wiping of all surfaces and windows
Scrubbing bathroom sinks and toilet bowls
4 hours for 1 cleaner or 2 hours for 2 cleaners

RM20 per cleaner, per hour if your property needs more time to be cleaned
RM10/session surcharge for Saturday and Sunday

Submit your request
An expert and background-checked cleaner will reach out to you to schedule an appointment
Pay via KaodimPay or cash directly to the vendor upon completion of the service.

I am not marketing this app i used to shared the details, If it's against the community guideline then please delete.


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