Panama is perhaps too over-rated?

I came here to get a permanent residence as a friendly nations visa.
It was not easy to make bank.

They say the costs are cheap, but in fact they are not.

Some articles talked about cheap costs of government run hospitals but specialized doctors such as psychiatrist are hard to come by, and foreigners without health insurance has to see psychiatrists who charge $65~120 per session, which makes it very difficult for person like me who has bipolar depression, and my prescription from Korea wouldn't be considered here.

For me it was like mixing LA + Manila Philippines.
Some places like Paitilla is nice, but city centers are quite dirty and I didn't know that places like El Chorillo was dangerous.

The only affordable thing is transportation, where buses cost like 0.25 and trains 0.35.
It is quite difficult to find a job here that is willing to help you with work permit.

I am still in the process of networking and meeting people.
A lot of people do not speak English so it would be best to be fluent in Spanish.

It would be best to find hostels or accommodations that are near the Metro stations.
They operate as early as 5AM but until 10 or 11.
The buses are never on time according to the google map.
It would be the most wise thing to go to big mega marts and do groceries there than to go to nearby shops to buy anything.

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Panama is not over rated, if anything it is under rated.

The problem is that too many people come with an unreasonable expectation, especially if you are coming to work.

Where else can you come and get permanent residency in a few months time for a reasonable price in a country that has a decent economy, beautiful weather and locations, no natural disasters, not very populated or polluted and has a good overall public safety and healthcare? In this regard, permanent residency in Panama is one of the cheapest in the world.

1. If you come to any foreign country you should have health insurance set up especially if you have pre existing conditions like yourself.
2. If you are coming to work you need to research in advance to see what your particular line of work would pay and potential job opportunities. As you mention you came through the friendly nations program, you do no need a company to sponsor you a work permit so I don't know what the problem is. That is another benefit of the friendly nations program.
3. There are clean/safe, dirty/dangerous areas in every country. Overall Panama is not that bad. I have mentioned to people before just stay out of mainly poor urban areas, and some of the poor rural mountain areas where there may be some small gangs/drugs but overall Panama good in this regard.
4. Speaking Spanish, you are in Panama after all which is a Spanish speaking country. If you are getting permanent residency through the friendly nations program, especially if you are trying to work in Panama afterwards, you should be prepared to learn some Spanish to live/work in your new country of residence and help your adjustment to society.

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