EP rejected: salary offered was above the range declared

Hi Guys

Did anyone have a similar case whereby EP application was rejected because the negotiated offer was higher by a few hundred dollars than the range declared (per clarification with MOM)? In this case, prospective new employer has re-advertised the job with the new range at the jobs bank and will re-appeal after 14days. What do you think are the chances  of getting approval? To be honest, from what I can remember when it was first advertised salary was "undisclosed". Not sure if it is only undisclosed to jobseekers in jobs database but actual salary range was provided to MOM.

for additional context, moving jobs of similar scope in a senior role, with usual 10% bump.

appreciate any feedback/anecdote.

If your employer addressed correctly on the reason of rejection then MoM definitely going to revisit your application. Good luck

Note: 10% growth is normal so nothing to be worried.

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