International Vaccination book against Yellow Fever

Hi everyone, my name is Gaby and I am looking for advices on where to find a hospital or clinic where I can get the International Vaccination book against yellow fever. I need to make an interna5ional trip and it is required to have it to the destination country.

Can someone please advise me on a hospital/clinic in Budapest or Hungary, from where I can it? And also the price.

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi, Thank you very much for the link. They seem to be expensive, perhaps there is another one...

Thx a lot.

gaby4005 :

They seem to be expensive,.

I looked at the link. Yes, some of those prices are ridiculous. I got my yellow card in Switzerland, and it was much cheaper. And got all my updates there. It was about 10 years ago since I updated, but still those Hungarian price are ridiculous.

Sorry, but I don't have a local reference to offer. But if you go to Switzerland.... The clinic in St. Gallen is where I went.

Here is another but seems like there is an agreement because prices are almost the same … leni-oltas
maybe they are closer to you'

Thats how it is in some countries its used to profit some, in Sudan and Egypt a vaccination cost is max 5$ but i was unfortunate to need a yellow fever vaccine when i was in Dubai which cost me about 100$ & cost in Egypt was 2$ only.

By the way.... if you are on Hungarian national health.... the prices might be less. Ask at your local doctor's office or hospital.

You could try and via this LINK?

SimCityAT :

You could try and via this LINK?

I have been getting vaccinations at the OEK for many years.  It's the national centre for Hungary.   They speak reasonable English.

Some vaccinations are not as easy to get as they used to be - Cholera and E-Coli for example.   Needs to be specially ordered.

They will give the vaccinated a little yellow WHO book of vaccinations which is the official documentation required.

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