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Hello, doing some research on internet and I´m still in doubt.
I work in Automotive industry, more than 23 years of experience and received an offer to work in Shanghai:
- Salary 54k RMB (after tax) monthly
- International School paid by the company
- Health Insurance paid by the company
- Rent apartment paid by the company up to 10kRMB
For 2 adults and 1 kid, is it a good package - good life and save some money? Total package close to
1million RMB / year

This is a really good deal, but it also depends on your monthly expenses on your spouse and kids. You will also have to take into consideration if your spouse it working or will be cleaning and cooking at home. If not, you'll need to hire an Auntie (Ayi) and if you're not using public transportation you'll need a car/driver/ etc. If your expenses aren't that high this is great. We know couples with 13,000 - 15,000 K a month for a house and that usually only covers two bedrooms. Do the kids need separate rooms? If so, the house budget will have to be a bit higher then. I highly recommend going in person alone or what you can afford to see Shanghai first. It's not for everyone but there are many expats that live there comfortably and have a community. Especially the kids in school will have their own community within that alone. International schools can be pricey there so having them pay for that is great.

Thanks for your comment. And about car/driver, how important is there? I will not have one and my wife is really concerned of not having one

Public transportation (metro) is perfectly fine to get to work and school. You could have your new home be close to either your work or the kids school that way only one group is commuting long term and the other is walking. Your wife can walk/bike to get groceries and errands. There is almost all amenities close by but it’s easy and cheap to use an Uber (Didi) or taxi if needed.

That is an outstanding offer. You would be foolish to ignore it. It is a very competitive expat package, and many expats would just die to be given such an opportunity.

To see how you stack up, I would suggest that you look at any one of the many salary surveys for expats in china. You will see that the offer is quite generous. Best Regards.

Thanks for the feedback. I just need to see which school is included on this package.
The rest is pretty clear now

for professionals with excellent technology in AUTO/EE, This is a good and also common package, professionals is still in big shortage in shanghai now. 

by the way for  professionals, they can chase huge package anywhere.

Rike Yao

I am just curious if the monthly income already accounts for bonus?

That is a very fair offer. It is not outstanding and I wouldn't come out with the expectation that you will be able to retire when (if) you go home. But you should be able to have a really great time in Shanghai and save a decent amount.

Don't forget to check your holiday entitlement, do you have a descretionary/floating allowance, it's worth asking for annual return trip to your home country too - this is also pretty standard for an imported expert/R-visa candidate.

Hi Ankabot, yes bonus would be included on salary... so, I expect to spend around 24kRMB monthly and save 30kRMB monthly.

Thanks for the hint Andic... yes, I will check holidays and there is family air ticket per year back home.

It's a reasonable offer, not fantastic but not bad either.  It's high mid-tier, pretty much a standard offer in that industry with 23 years experience.  I think it's fair because  I see quite a lot of offers of this region in LinkedIn for expats (and locals).

I would expect to have to spend about 30k yuan/month.  My living expenses without a kid in a smaller city can reach up to 20k.  I'm not an excessive spender either.  I think your expectations of of 24k are realistic but a lot bit on the conservative side.  It depends on your lifestyle really.

It is a good deal and opportunity. Hope you enjoy it.

Wow that's really a good offer I think you should go for it .even I am looking for a full-time job can be official job or a teaching job doesn't matter.please do let me know for they are still hiring for more.emaik would be s***
Contact and watsapp would be ***


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If you don't mind can you also forward me that email please.

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Your immediate action and quick response would be much appreciated.


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