Please guide me regarding selling Saffron in Istanbul !

Dear all,

My friend has started a company in Afghanistan which can export saffron to other countries. Afghanistan's saffron is considered one of the best in the world and has won many awards worldwide.

I am living in Istanbul and my friend wants me to sell saffron in Istanbul, and share the profits. I asked him to initially send a few samples so that I can show them to potential buyers.

Now, my question is: how can I find the potential buyers of saffron in Istanbul? I have heard that restaurants or herbal stores( aktars) may require it.

I would appreciate your support and guidance. Thank you!


just google "safran importers in turkey", that much easy..

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there is regulations here regarding importing food. So you should contact a trading company or go to istanbul trading office ; İstanbul Ticaret Odası

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[at] green earth, Thanks for your reply.

Actually, the company which is based in my country would send the required Saffron by FedEx. Would it still be regulated by the house of commerce?

We are not expecting to sell tons of saffron. If I sold one Kg of saffron in Istanbul, that would be a big achievement because it is damn expensive at 5000$ per KG. Therefore, I am expecting to receive one KG of Saffron from Afghanistan via FedEx.For now, I am planning to visit the spice market in Istanbul to see experience things firsthand.


Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I already did that on Google with no effect.

I have decided to visit the spice market and find out from there.


Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, your guess was wrong, and I really do appreciate everyone's responses.

dear baktash,
in my opinion -maybe i m wrong-, you cannot find any buyer in the market for yr hq product. here the prices is much cheaper. or maybe they are selling fake safrans, or mixed with other materials, i have no idea.
i suggest you to visit istanbul, to check the qualities at bazaar and compare to yours with prices.
on the other hand, i recommended you to search for importers, bcs i believe that retailers do not import by themselves, they buy from wholesellers who are the actual importers. so the prices that you will get from bazaar shall be misleading. you better find and contact wholesallers as you are a retailer to learn real quality and price.
i also think you should find hq restaurants that needs safran.
i dont suggest to send it by fedex.
you better handle the case at yr side: … stan-48690 … %A0saffron

Dear Mr. Borraro,

Many thanks for your valuable information.

I couldn't agree more. I am going to find some wholesalers as you rightly suggested, and meanwhile, I am going to evaluate the present situation of saffron in the Turkish market.

Bundle of thanks for the sources you provided, and they seem to be helpful in my quest of finding buyers. I will keep you updated. Have a nice day!


Hello. Just check hundreds of previous messages that does that. I feel tired of this community's lack of appreciation and folloe up after asking a questions. It takes time, effort and some research to provide you guys eith best updated version of info but they never come back to see the answer or say thanks...

Hi infoaboutTurkey,

I understand your frustration, but please keep up the good work. Thanks a lot for your contribution to this community. The universe will show you an appreciation one way or the other. if not today, maybe tomorrow. All the very best :)


Hello Mr.Baktash,

I`d like to inform you that, if you have Halal Certification for your product (Saffron) then buying and selling across borders becomes easier. Certifications body like UNITED WORLD HALAL DEVELOPMENT have certified my product as halal and now my product is a key product in the market. So get a halal certification from UNWHD.




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