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Hi i am from South africa and would like to know from fellow south africans who are staying in new zealand how the whole process works.

Me and my husband and 4 kids want to move to new zealand and find work.

I am trying to get a job that side as i think it might be easier than just moving over with no job and maybe cheaper that way too?

Please help with any info or advice.

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Thank you, iv joined a few groups on facebook.  Will be tricky though as in order to get a work visa approved you need a job offer but cant get a job offer with nno visa.

Was thinking of maybe saving and going over on a visitor visa to look for work.

i see that companies dont do like sykpe interviews or pay for yu to go over if you are offered a job so alot to do and sort out as we really want to move and just dont know where to start.

I know they say you must use agencies but you will opbviously need to pay them a fee fiirst before getting jobs that side so need to save up for that to.


I had a telephone interview for a medical job from the UK. The agency usually charges the employer as these type of jobs are for those where there is a shortage of specialised staff in the country.

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