I recently applied for permanent residence  ( CRNM ) at the Police federal on basis of  a Brazilian child.

  I was given a protocol which as an RNM number and a validity of 180 days,I was told i will be contacted when the original card is ready for pick up.

I wish to find out if I can use this protocol  to travel out of Brazil considering I already have an RNM number ?

Congratulations, Samuel!

Yes, you can.  Make sure that you have a valid visa to return to Brazil:  your Protocolo is your permission to live in Brazil, not an entry visa.  Also, make sure that you have someone lined up to pick your CRNM up for you, if you think it will be ready before you get back.

Thanks a lot.. so much appreciated .

abthree :

Yes, you can.  Make sure that you have a valid visa to return to Brazil:  your Protocolo is your permission to live in Brazil, not an entry visa.

Ah, this is interesting. Is that also the case w/a CRNM card, or is that sufficient to not need a visa?

I imagine Brazil would allow residents to enter w/o a visa, but boarding a plane to Brazil from the US, I'm wondering if airlines would accept that. Do you know if that's also the case?

Someone here recently reported being denied airline check-in with an authenticated copy of his CIE/RNE (predecessor of the CRNM); fortunately, he was in a city with a Brazilian Consulate, and had enough time to get a tourist visa and still make his flight.  Not sure whether having his actual CIE on him would have made a difference with the airline.

When the Brazilian Government reformed the Law of Migration in 2017, they created a problem that I don't think they've addressed yet, since it's just now becoming obvious.  Under the old system the Permanent Visa, the VIPER was -- permanent.  It matched up well with the the CIE/RNE.  The reform abolished it going forward (the old ones are still valid), and replaced with with a temporary visa, usually the VITEM XI, which expires.  The Federal Police at Passport Control at the Brazilian ports of entry absolutely accept the CIE/RNE/CRNM; the problem that seems to be arising more and more is being allowed onto the plane leaving for Brazil.

Hi Samuel

You can actually travel with the Protocolo but you must notify the airline beforehand who would then send a copy of your documents to the FP in Brazil. The FP will send them a reply, which if positive, will then allow the airline grant you an "OK TO BOARD" status.

Good luck

Elisud - from what source is this information? Anyway thanks for the tip.
Abtrhee - perhaps because it was just copy (perhaps it was missing appostile?)

Anyway - my wife saying that with original document it shouldn't be a problem. However good o know that such a situation could happen.

I have CIE/RNE (predecessor of the CRNM) and majority of airline check in counters will be confused and you need to have an US Immigration agent check the CRNM. Check in agents are not trained as to immigrations.
I still have the BR visa, but a person in front of me did have the issue of boarding (visa expired), but I saw him meet with immigrations an he was on the plane, so must have worked it out.

OP , I'm guessing that your " tourist? visa" has expired ? Is it possible to wait for the Permanent resident card to be ready for you ? What I did when waiting for my Permanent Resident card to be ready was this .

I returned to the USA  as I had planned (My return airline ticket) and then had a family member , pick up (IIRC my wife) and then Fed-Ex (Sed-Ex) it to me in the USA .... If you have a valid Tourist Visa , you would have no problem re-entering Brazil . I did that many times over a few years .
Once you have the Permanent Resident Card , you'll have no other issues with the Airlines or entering the Country ...

Side note :
If things are still the same ,  With the Permanent Resident card , You need to be in the Country , for a minimum of 2 nights(IIRC) Every 2 years to keep your status "active" .
This was told to me upon entering Brazil one time and verified at a local Federal Police Local .

This is until the Card holder is 60 years of age . At that time , you can update the card and it becomes Permanent ,for life . So you never have to revise the card . It doe not have an expiration date on it . You need to go back to the Federal Police and "swap it" And Again wait form it to become available , like before .
Since we don't know what type of visa you entered with or have now , I'm making a guess it's a Tourist visa (isn't good for a few years ? ) If yours is valid now , it is still good and in effect . 

If you don't have 1 at present and leave before you get the Card . maybe try and get 1 in the States . It doesn't take to long and would "solve" the immediate issue. try calling a Brazilian Consulate for more info .

I found the Federal Police to be very helpful when I had questions , so maybe contacting them could be beneficial for you also  .

Thanks so much for your post.. my tourist visa had long expired but  i was able to travel to NY  and return with my protocol;  I had no issues with the airlines or the police federal.

It's  now 40 days since I applied and still haven't received an email from Police federal to tell me if my CRNM card was ready, do you think it's  better to go there in person or give them more time?

Thanks a lot.

Cool , Glad it worked out for you . I would say Call . It'll just save time and $$$ . But it depends on where you are and where you need to go ,to get there in person .

Example , for me , it's a 4 hour or more drive (a lot depends on the roads, and in  Bahia , that can add a lot to the drive time (plus the wear and tear on the car LOL) 1 way  + all the other added expenses .

So calling , is the only way, imo .

BTW  , I'm originally from NYC ..... Nope I don't miss much about it .... Maybe Pizza and Chinese food (for sure) ...

It would be difficult to speculate about the card . it depends on so many factors . IIRC , mine (the original card) took  about 2 months  . So hopefully yours is almost ready ....
Calling wouldn't hurt ....

I applied in February 20 2018 got my permanent card on May 15 2018 so just to give you a idea. They originally told me it would be 60 to 90 days. Hope this helps. I read they are no longer giving retirees permanent visa is this true. Thanks.

Thanks for the information.  I have no idea about PR for retirees but i will try to post the question ;maybe someone can help with more information.

That is correct.  The overhaul of the immigration laws that took place in 2017 did not include the provision for a retirement visa from the old law, so that visa was allowed to sunset in November 2017.
Retirement visas granted before that time continue to be valid, but no new ones are being granted.

Hi, I have had the old RNE/CIE for Brazil for 25 years, but I am currently back in California. I know about the requirement to go to Brazil every 2 years to keep my RNE/CIE active.  I was last in Brazil in March of 2018. I am looking to go back to Brazil in April of 2020. This would means that a little more than 24 months would have gone by since I left Brazil. Is the 2 year requirement strict in the sense that i have to enter Brazil again before the 24th month is over? Or Is there flexibility so that if I am less than a month over the 24 months I would be okay?  Also, if the 2 year rule means 24 months maximum, how closely do they control this? In other words, If I am a couple weeks over the 24 months, will they catch that and invalidate my RNE?  If you don't know the answer, who can I call to ask about this? Thanks,

They are very strict on the 2 year (24 month) maximum. You should not exceed that. I have my RNE for 26 years now.

Try looking fora cheap flight and go. All is needed s entry to keep for another 2 years.
Maybe look at flight to Lima then to Foz do Iguaçu, we take that to go to LA and seem to be less money.
As said they are strict on the 2 years and remind me each time I leave.
Move up your date.

As advised don't let it go past the 2 years and I would also plan your travel a few days earlier in case of delays.


I traveled to the US in July and when going through customs the officer stamped my Visa with 2years and asked how long I would be gone and I said 3months. He said please remember the date I stamped because if you are 1 day late you will not be able to enter on your permanent Visa and will have to apply for another. I would say that is pretty straight forward and good information. Hope this helps.

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