Clearing your belongings through customs in Colombia

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During one’s big move abroad, shipping personal belongings to the host country can be stressful. Customs regulations differ from one country to another and you never quite know what to expect when trying to recover your belongings once you’re settled. How about helping expats considering moving to Colombia by answering some questions about custom regulations?

What are the procedures to get your belongings cleared by customs once you have arrived in Colombia? Who do you have to contact and how do you get in touch with them? How do you go about from there?

How long does this process usually take?

How do you then carry your belongings to your new home?

Are there any items that are restricted by customs in Colombia?

How much does it cost to get your belongings cleared by customs in Colombia? Does the cost change depending on the amount or on certain specific items?

Do you think it is better to seek the help of a contractor to get your belongings cleared in Colombia?

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95 % of expats moving to Colombia just bring the bare essentials..a carry on ..a couple checked bags.. maybe 1 or 2 excess bags at.the absolute most

Too expensive and cumbersome to move furniture etc.

I never have problems through customs as it is all personal items snd I have nothing to declare. Besides they are only interested in sums greater than $10000

I'll be moving in to Bogota in July. My plan was to come with two checked bags, my carry on's, and I was going to purchase a giant 45 gallon shipping tote and send that via Delta Air Cargo (about $200 for 100lbs).  You declare the contents on the airbill, and it's generally ready for pick up 4 hours after the flight arrives. 

Any thoughts/feedback on this method?

I have  a friend that is Colombian and has lived in Quito Ecuador for the past 15 years.  She is now returning permanently to Colombia.  What can she bring back from her apartment and what if any customs taxes and procedures apply ?

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