Clearing your belongings through customs in Cambodia

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During one’s big move abroad, shipping personal belongings to the host country can be stressful. Customs regulations differ from one country to another and you never quite know what to expect when trying to recover your belongings once you’re settled. How about helping expats considering moving to Cambodia by answering some questions about custom regulations?

What are the procedures to get your belongings cleared by customs once you have arrived in Cambodia? Who do you have to contact and how do you get in touch with them? How do you go about from there?

How long does this process usually take?

How do you then carry your belongings to your new home?

Are there any items that are restricted by customs in Cambodia?

How much does it cost to get your belongings cleared by customs in Cambodia? Does the cost change depending on the amount or on certain specific items?

Do you think it is better to seek the help of a contractor to get your belongings cleared in Cambodia?

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Hello Priscilla.

I don't have personal experience with customs. I flew in from Thailand with just one suitcase, a travel case and a backpack with laptop and all my photo gear. No check, no problems.

But I inquired to bring furniture, mountain bike, computer, tv into Cambodia and left the idea.

First I was told that Customs charges a 35% tax on household goods, based on their value when bought.
Second there is a flat rate of VAT of 10%.

Adding the one to the other I would have paid nearly 40% taxes on used goods.

So I left everything that I could not carry in my house in Thailand, where it still is (although divided by ex-wife's family).

Important to mention is that a right-handed car is not allowed for import. E.g. cars in Thailand are right-handed, but no way you can take your Thai car into Cambodia.

More info here: … tices.html

And here: … fo/listAll

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We plan to sell and give away our stuff and live light. We'll travel and move about the world at will.

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