Brittany : any positive/negative tips

Hi /Bonjour 👋
Planning on moving to Brittany from Cornwall and looking for any positive/negative tips re: departments and any other general information that may be helpful
Merci, treisi  :)

If I were to move to Brittany - I wouldnt because of the weather, but if you are English....:) - I would move to Quimper or near there. Quimper is lovely and it is said to have the nicest weather. There is a strong Celtic culture too. Cool...

Thanks i’ll  be sure to add it to my list and visit when I’m exploring Brittany in April. It is a bit further south than Cornwall so will be slightly better for me weather wise.  :)

Erdeven, Auray, Carnac are areas where there is a microclimate. I used to live in Erdeven, which is nearby the coast, and I found the days were way sunnier than where I live now, near Lorient.
Anyway, if I can be of any help when you and your family come over, don't hesitate.

Merci beaucoup Lynn,
So appreciate your reply. I am planning on exploring Morbihan because of its micro-climate so very happy you recommend these places. You will have to visit once i’m settled to top up your sunshine ☀️ hours! triesi x

Hi Tracy,
Sorry for the late reply. I'm back.
If you're here in Brittany these days, I'll be happy to be your guide. Don't hesitate to contact me. I'll give you my phone.

Nice travel.

Thank you so much Lynn 😊
I bought my house 🏡10 miles out of Pontivy I’m planning to move in September....we must meet up I think  Pontivy is only 45 mins drive from Lorient. Still have all your recommendations on my list thank you.
I’m in Northern Finistère at the moment but have had to cut the trip short due to friends work commitments ,unfortunately i’m returning to Cornwall on Thursday ☹️
Love the roads here and less cars too 🤓 Will you be about in September

You're very welcome.
Of course I'm here in September. I'm located at 4 km from Hennebont.
From my home, Pontivy is 40 km away at the most.

Yes, Brittany is a quiet place indeed. Very celtic too.
I'm on WhatsApp if you want to keep in touch.

Have a nice stay in Finistère.

40 minutes away, I meant

Parfait 👍 i’m also on WhatsApp what is your surname and i’ll Search for you? mine is Box ...Tracy Box
look forward to meeting you in the Autumn, have a great summer and thank you for your help thus far it will be comforting to know someone out here when I move 🤓😊🤸‍♀️

And to me, it will be comforting to know someone from Cornwall.  🙂
I dropped you a pv message for my phone number.

Take care.

Thanks Lynn tried number no joy will pm you mine or try my name🤞

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