I am Indian I have Bahrani CPR( Bahrani iqama) my company has transferred me in Saudi Arabia with a business visa which is valid for 6 months(180 days) every month I have to cross the border and stamp on passport I do not have Saudi iqama. I want to know that if I go on holiday or vacation from Saudi to India and not come back. will I also get the ban for 3 years???,, PLEASE give me detail information about this issue!

No, not in Saudi.  As you are not on Iqama but a business visit visa.  You might be reported as absconding in Bahrain on your work permit and might face a ban there though.

Thank you for your valuable response.

I have exit re entry visa from my company saudi to bharain or but I want to ask if how can I make permission if I want to go bharain from my own walk?

Hello sir you how to make permission to go bharain I have exit re entry visa from my company

What do you mean permission?

Iqama holders get visa on arrival.

Hello sir
Can i get two gulf visa at same time

Be specific. What kind of visas?  Work or visit?

Entry visa

I assume you mean visit. Yes you can.

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