Opening savings account in Vietnam

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I have frequently used Sharemoney to transfer money from my US bank account to an individual in VN for pick up at a local SACOM bank. Easy peasy.

That's an incredibly expensive solution for large sum transactions.

Their online fee is 2.99% and the maximum transaction is $2,999.00

At that rate, it would cost $89.67 for a $2,999.00 transfer, not including any fees by the receiving bank in Vietnam.

Charles Schwab Bank (for example) charges a $25.00 flat rate fee.

Not sure what Transferwise would charge for that same transaction from the USA to Vietnam, but I seem to recall that it's cheaper than Sharemoney and more expensive than Schwab.

There is another thread on here where we discussed that specific subject 'ad nauseam'.

I think he's talking about cash withdrawals without having a local bank account.
That would have to be compared to WesternUnion.
TransferWise does not offer such a service, and I don't think Schwab does either.

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