How to contact MOM when EP is delayed

Is there any communication channel for companies to check with MOM when EP processing is getting delayed beyond a month without any reason? Otherwise companies and employees would be loosing precious time and opportunities to look for other options, as they would be tied up with this case, and thus would impact their growth!

Did you read older forums? It was discussed many times.

How do you know without any reason it’s pending at MoM? If you think waiting for your application result is losing precious time for you and your employer, then you feel free and try to get opportunity elsewhere.

MoM has thousands of pending applications piling up on each day. If the case is pending long at MoM then it must have some reason.

Your employer can reach out them anytime to see if they give any update on application. Good luck

I called MOM and they confirmed it's pending with them and requested the company to raise expeditation request. Got approved within 4 days after raising the same!

How did you contacted mom?

tikub :

How did you contacted mom?

You can visit their website and see the customer care number.

But, read carefully, his pass got approved, it has nothing to do with with his contact to MoM. Rather his employer reached out MoM to request for speedy process. His approval process met all the criteria, that’s why his pass got approved. Good luck

You can call or you can contact them via email. … dback.aspx

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