New Kid in Town

Hi there Guys/Gals. Been here about a month now, from Melbourne Australia. Ex- Singaporean. Looking out for any Business opportunities here in Bali  to invest in.

Pretty sure the local Bali newspapers will be able to help you more. But for you to remain here you will need a sponsor and be legit. Hope you are on the right visa.

Find a solution for the traffic congestion in Kuta?
That would fit the bill.
Bali is so dynamic as always.
But does not mean vibrant.

Have been witness to many shop closure.
Many shattered dreams & much poorer dreamers.
Another new eager party will step in pretty soon.
It is a visual cycle but only seen by us locals.

Could be a mix of different SME business serving tourist facilities.
But isn't that saturated & "kabupaten"-centric?
Cheap laundrette? Refurbished surf boards?
Transportation? Micro Brewery? Villa?!

Bali is the island of gods @ Pulau Dewata.
Search for your soul and the path may reveal itself.

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