What is the best and worst about Can Tho? and Why?

Hello all,

Well now I am a member of Can Tho community. I decided to explore French Indochina region and I chose Vietnam as my base and after little bit of searching I chose Can Tho as my first stop. I am going to come to Can Tho within few months.

Would you like to share your knowledge about Can Tho? What is the best and worst about Can Tho and why?


I'm interested in this too. I have heard quite a few people call Can Tho underrated.

My first plan is to follow the Mekong from Can Tho to Phnom Penh and further to Pakxe and end the journey in Vientiane, travel by both land and water, boat, canoe, motorbike, buss, hiking maybe even donkey, traktor and every possible transport.

I am not going to only travel through but stay little bit longer in different places and feel the atmosphere, hang out with local people and document everything with a camera. From deep jungle adventure to fancy big city nightlife and everything in between that.

How long this journey will take is hard to know so may be I have to divide this to several laps and start from where I stop each time. 

However I come to Can Tho in late autumn and stay 1 or 2 months to make my self home in Indochina. I have to learn little bit Vietnamese to begin with and get to know one or two Viets.

If late fall is right time for you then join me, everything will be easier, safer, cheaper and funnier with more people.

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