Total Chargeable Income Tax

Hi , I am Ayoub working for a Malaysian company , got a few inquiries regarding tax calculation ;

1) Can I apply for epf so I can get below the minimum tax requirement for a married individual , and would this mean applying for tax return won't be necessary altogether ?

2) Tax refund includes a lot of categories which are exempted , such as spouse allowance , parental allowance ..etc . Are receipts of such transfers needs to get a refund?

3) Who calculates the necessary monthly amount to be paid ? IDBR or is it a self-assessment ?

4) I started work on October 22rd 2018, which means that on april 23rd , 6 months would have passed by , let's say I apply by april 24th , would this mean that the non-resident payment can be skipped or do I still have to pay it and then be refunded ?

5) If my contract ends on october and the yea starts on jan , is the total income for that year , the total amount from jan till october and if its less than the minimum , means no tax application required? Or is it still 12 months multiplied by monthly salary ? would it be better to link the year before or not ?

You are not going to be tax resident until earliest July 2019 as the requirement is 180 days in the Tax Year (Jan-Dec) to qualify.

Your employer has to deduct tax on a monthly basis and submit this to LHDN. You keep your payslips as proof of deduction.

Completing a tax return is the way to claim back any overpayment ie difference between resident and non-resident rates.

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