Project Manager seeking Checklist / Templates to relocate to KW!

Hi all,

Han here from Cape Town South Africa!

Recently signed a contract to start in KW and things are rolling, :D myself, wife and furbabes preparing...

Is there any other anal project managers who loves excel templates / checklists of the relocation process.. building a KW pack!

Things from leaving the country or things to cater for in KW..

Excel makes me sleep at night - dont judge!

Han & Caz

lol, no anal managers here. If you know your job  Kuwait is to easy too be so up tight. The pretentious request for excel spread sheet might limit the amount of info you get though. Kuwait is pretty westernized , you can find almost anything you need here to live comfortably. They even have plenty of pet stores here for dog food and such. This includes,  daycare pet facility if you you go on vacation while your here.  its like moving to any other city except Friday is the weekend and there is no alcohol.

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