Internet Service?

Good, fast internet service is important to me. I am a writer and do a lot of research online. Can anyone   recommend a particular company that provides consistent, fast speed service in SMA? I read about fiber-optic service that is suppose to be the fastest, but not sure if SMA is a big enough City to have that infrastructure.  Thanks much mi amigos.  Robin

Have you checked with "Live! Telecom" or do you know anything about them?  They are in the shopping mall directly across from La Comer.  They have an English-speaking sales rep.  I've lost his contact info, but I'm sure he is the only English speaker. 

I wouldn't mind speaking with him also-maybe we could meet for coffee at the Italian Coffee Co which is located in that same little mall and go see him together.

I don't know much about their service.

Let me know what you find out or if the idea of going in together has any appeal, let me know.  I'm almost always free!!

Thanks Marshall. I neglected to say that i’m Not in SMA yet. I’m coming down there in June for 3 weeks. I plan on moving there or another city close by. So i’m trying to get as much info on living there as possible. Since internet is very important for me, I wanted to get recommendations so I could research each to see which one would be best. R

Here is the local number for Live!  You can probably call that number and speak to the English-speaker and get a pretty good idea of their services.  They claim to get a constant 20 Mbps. Tel: (415) 120-3131

I currently have the 50 Mbps plan with  Megacable.  That speed is pretty constant during the day, but starting around 6:00 in the evening there is a ton of internet traffic and I see the speed slow to 2 Mbps or sometimes even less! That is beyond frustrating!

The other major provider is Telmex, I hear their service suffers the same issues as Megacable in the evenings.

To my knowledge, that is pretty much the extent of your options.

If you hear about  other providers, plz post them.

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