Documents required for Work Permit in Belgium

Hi All,

I am moving to Antwerp as a dependent on D Visa this year.
I wanted to know what documents are required to get a work permit once I am in Belgium if I am able to find a job there.

I know that a few documents need to be apostiled. Just want to make sure I get them apostiled from India before reaching Belgium.

Is educational certificate (Degree) required to be apostiled in any of the processes for work permit ?


There are plenty of threads in the forum discussing this topic. Pleas take time to go through them.

Everything is explain on this website. … f_diplomas

Thank you so much guys.
if the primary and spouse apply for a long term D visa together, do they generally get the visa together or it might take more time for the spouse.
Considering that our documents are complete.


Has been answered many times already :(

A lot of existing threads in

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