Extension visit visa

Hello the agent that process the extension of my mother until now didn't return the passport and he said already extended but now showing or giving the extension copy its been one month now. What should I do? I will report to the police  or go to the embassy?

Do you have the passport?  if you do, what will you go the police for?.  You can only go the police if he is not giving your passport back.

What I suggest is that you go with her passport to immigration and check if the visa has been extended or not.  If it has, then its just a case of the agent not sharing receipt but the visa was extended.   Also keep in mind that they DON'T stamp the passport for visit visa extensions nowadays; they just give a printed receipt for the fee paid - that's it.

The passport is with him. I'm trying to get it but he has a lot of excuses and when I asked to send the receipt copy he never send it

Then call him and tell him you will go to the police to complain unless he gives your passport back.   If he doesn't, then go and complain.   They will call him.

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