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Myself Natrajan I worked in Saudi From March 2016 to August 2017 (2 year Contract), I departed to India on Aug 2017 & Didnt enter back to ksa & as I aware I will be facing 3 year ban for violating the Re-entry rules.
But at present I got job in ksa & looking to come back kindly suggest & clarify whether below suggestions were can be followed which I heard from various sources.

1)How to find that we were ban & still how long our ban period is active (Contacting embassy will provide a solution? Or isthere any website to check)

2)Getting NOC from previous employer & Visa sponser can lift your ban & re-entry to KSA is possible.

3)By paying penalties for our visa offered during employment via some agents will make to re-enter KSA.

4)If none of the above were not valid kindly suggest a solution to return back to Saudi on Work/Visit visa.

The only option that works is number 2.   They have to give NOC that you have no criminal record and they have no objection to you coming back on new work visa.  This letter must be chamber and MOL attested.  Then you can use this to apply for a new visa.   However, if they don't agree or they have marked "Huroob" on you; you have no other legal options.   Option 3 is illegal and is just a nice way of saying that they will pay someone to get you a visa.

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Do you know how to check Iqama renewal fees??

Search the threads in the forum.  All the information is here.

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I have contacted my Visa sponsor for NOC & they were asking Huge amount to provide NOC as I got only Temp Job in Saudi (45Days), But comparing to that they were asking thrice the Amount.

Anyhow if we got NOC with proper attestation then after we can enter Saudi Multilpe times??? Where to Check that provided NOC is Valid , As i saw in some Blogs even our New Work/Visit visa will be Stamped during our Ban period.But in Saudi Immigration we will be Sent Back to India.

By Showing NOC in Immigration we can avoid these Situations????

Please Guide.

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