Which of the 3 is the best area for a nature-loving, Holistic couple?

We have been traveling and researching the following 3 areas as potential spots to live and would like to hear from those with experience living in any of the 3 locales.
The areas of interest are
* Santa Ana de San Pedro de Pedro Zeledon
* San Vito
* La Suiza, Cartago Turrialba

Used to live near La Suiza. Not much there though...

Did your previous real estate deal fall through?

Did you like or dislike La Suiza for any reason?  What about the other 2 areas?

It was 'OK' but you need to go to Turrialba for a decent selection of groceries and fresh produce...but that may have changed.  Admittedly, this wasn't too far. There was a lot of petty theft there, at that time. The majority of local families, as were we, were involved in the  coffee industry, which is of course, seasonal.

I only know what I have read about the other two locations, so have no firsthand experience of them.

The petty theft part is not a good thing. I have been reading about a lot of burglaries occurring not certain what areas though.
Thats the one place we only spent a short time. Very lush setting. We stayed at an ecolodge. Surprislngly not a lot of bugs.

What did bother us, was the people who would cut though our property to catch birds and remove orchids for resale in town.

We experienced a few earthquakes and watched homes and huge trees, rush along in the rivers from  the results of many serious mudslides in the immediate area. Lush growth, results from wet conditions in the hilly terrain.  So you must be prepared for ongoing work on your property.

Wow, that sounds exciting...and not necessarily in a pleasant way.  Central valley near Alejuela was on our list but it just seemed to be very touristy. The Nicoya peninsula is beautiful but the drought problems there were evident. We also did not like the strange tasting water (near Carmona).  Southern zone seems to be the place to check out.  You mentioned experiencing earthquakes in Cartago as well as landslides. All of the lots we looked at were hilly, with quebradas flowing through them.  It's ironic you should mention that because we experienced a few tremors the 3 weeks we stayed in the southern Turrialba / La Suiza region. The seismic activity may be more frequent there. I don't know. I do know we saw a funny sight on one lot for sale. The owner had put in a rancho, but it was on an obvious slant, perhaps as a result of past earthquakes. :-) :o 

My fiance speaks fluent Spanish and is often mistaken for a Tica, but she was thrown lots of shade by the locals in La Suiza. I guess it goes with the territory given the isolated and close-knit small barrios. Did you experience anything like that with the locals?

The area I am referring to, is La Suiza. There were a lot of 'wonky looking structures' in this area due to the massive earthquake  in Limon in 1991.

For the most part we were treated well, in the area.

You might check out the Central Valley further west in San Ramon. Not touristy at all. Very old style Tico for the most part. There are two or 3 gringo communities but when you go around town you don't see that many gringos, defintely not many tourists.

Turrialba as far as I know is very dangerous now due to the volcano always going off putting out ashes and smoke. I knew a family who LOVED living there before all the eruptions but they had to move away due to that.

Expat Dave from this forum moved to San Vito recently for his and his daughter's parrot rescue operation. He hasn't been on here much due to that, but you may be able to reach him via pm here and ask him about San Vito. You could probably call him even , he's a nice guy, very helpful; just ask him via pm if you can call him or email him.

I suppose you've looked at weather maps and know that the Golfo Dulce area gets TONS of rain. Not sure about San Vito though; I went through there once, and it seemed like an okay place but I didn't get to "know" it.

I don't know much about the specific area you mention near Perez Zeledon but I loved that area and it's close to Dominical for the beach.
The negatives I saw there were :
It's more expensive than some other areas;
It gets pretty cold at night if you are up at San Isidro altitude (or higher);
Getting there requires driving a very curvy much-used-by-big-trucks highway I think they call the "death highway" or something due to all the accidents on it, and it takes 3 hours to get to San Jose, more to the airport...

Other than that I liked it a lot and was looking to buy there years ago but couldn't afford it. Be careful re water rights. I heard (years ago) there were problems with water for homes there in some areas. Again this was maybe 5 years ago so who knows, now? Just something to ask about...

Turrialba is such a large area. The spot you are referring to is around the volcano, but have there been problems further south in Cartago, specifically the region named "La Suiza?"

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