TOP TEN needed : how hard is to open a fast food or a pub in UE ?

Hi everybody,

I am really searching to make a list of countries in Europe where it can be easy for a UE citizen like me,
who had the unlucky past to be a computer programmer,to  open a fast food, bar or pub !!

Seems to be  a joke , but making my researches I found that there are two kinds :

Some of these, like Italy, gives the possibility to make internal commercial courses to obtain
a certificate in food and drinks in some months,  even if the subject did not have in the past such a formation.

Others ,like Hungary , don't give this chance , so at least one person in the firm should have this certificate from a high school concerning restaurants  and tourism.

Others, perhaps, do not require particular schools giving the permission easily...

So, if someone in  the forum knows those specific rules in his actual country (for ex. who has yet a bar or a pub there...),
I would have a better idea on particular permission, because some specific commercial institute make it difficult to let me know this.

Any little info you can give will be for me helpful.

Thanks really!

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