Moving to Serbia. Any suggestions?

I live in Toronto, Canada.
I emigrated from Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1991.
Just in time.

Previously, I lived in USA and Greece,
with short sojourns in France/Belgium/Spain.

I have experience in finance, education and management consulting.
I have a PhD (Econ), MBA (Finance), MA/BA (Business Economics).

As a recent widower (2012) I plan to return to Belgrade, Serbia
in a few years
and live there the rest of my life.
I still have family and friends there.
I have dual citizenship, but would like to be in touch with
expats who live there.
The more people you know the merrier.
Life can only get better.

First, I would like to know where expats decide to live in Belgrade (location),
and how they spend their time.
Second, I would like to know how they are organized
and gather various information from the embassies/consulates.
Do they stay in contact with others in their previous countries
and exchange information?
Do any work in Serbia?

Where do you open a bank account?
Do you buy a dryer?
Can you find any?
What about a waterpick/electronic toothbrush/car...?

Should you bring anything with you?
The voltage is different.
Is your driver's license valid there?
Should you buy a PC or bring a laptop?
What about laserprinters and other electronics?
What about meds?
Some info is available online.

I know that prices are different for many items
(the import lobby keeps the prices of many items higher in Serbia),
and does not help much.

I've asked many questions to people who live there
and have not received answers.
I guess I should go again before moving.

So many questions.
So few answers.

P.S. I did my implants there, and would highly recommend it.
That I can help with.


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