Looking to move from the UK to Washington State - USA

Hello all,

Hi, I was born in the UK and married my wife who is American.   We got married in the USA 12 years ago and soon after we married, my wife came back with me to live in the UK where we still reside 12 years later.   My wife became a full UK natuarlized citizen a few years back, passport and all so we're now looking to return to the States to live.

Over the last 12 years we visit the US almost every year on average, twice a year but obviously myself being British, I always come in on a tourist visa with my wife who is American.

What I would like to know is if anyone can advise me on  what type of VISA, Green Card, Form etc I require to eventualy become a US citizen and also allow me to work asap? 

The VISA's, Green cards, paperwork etc are a confusing minefield.   So far I believe I need to file an I-130 form.

If anyone could give me some clear help with the best pathway to achieve our end goal and confirm what exactly I should be filing?

Many thanks


You are lucky as UK still processes Direct Consular Filing - DCF. Pull up the site of the London US Embassy. It walks you through. If you have specific questions please post them.

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