Foreigner marrying a Saudi Girl, I need help please.

Hey people!

I am not sure where to start, I am a British muslim guy 31yo currently and I've been in love with a Saudi girl for quite some time now. As time passed along we started to get more serious about things and been wondering how the future might look like. I am a lawyer and thus I know how and where to look up things and laws in general, and I think I understood the borderline on what is needed to fulfill whatever I and she were dreaming of, however, she is currently 26 and I was reading about the law of female Saudi being 30yo to be able to marry a "foreigner".

I've read various threads and replies on this forum and some people were saying it is "easy (which I don't believe)" to get through with a marriage, and others say it's hard but possible. She told me that her family might actually agree for us, and that I was relieved about her saying that because it gave me hope, however, the age requirement are currently not fulfilled and I wondered how strict KSA was about it, and if there was just anything we could do other than waiting years? In my eyes marriage is a personal thing between families and the fact the country involves there feels wrong to me, and reading all the replies and comments on this topic in this forum made me wonder how our chances actually are.. or is it enough if her father was to agree and ask for permission? I really don't understand the rules (I have not been married before, havent been in military etc etc, every other guideline I can basically fullfil).

I love her with all my heart and I know that she'd be the one for me and all the formalities are killing us..

Thank you all.

There is always a way. On the other hand:

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