About my wife's permanent visa


I'm from Pakistan currently working as a faculty member at a Saudi University. I recently got married and my wife (Pakistani) is a US green card holder but still has a Pakistani passport. I'm trying to bring her to Saudi and already got her visa issued by my university but the Etimad office in Lahore told us to change her passport marital status, so basically replacing her father's name with husband name. This is probably a standard practice to follow, but in my case the issue is that her Citizenship process in the US is ongoing as well which is likely to finish by the end of this year, So I don't want to take any risks by changing her passport which has stamped US visa on.
As per I know, it is not possible to directly go to the Embassy, so is there any way out of this problem? Also, our wedding contract was earlier attested by the Saudi Embassy, so are there chances to get through?

Thanks in advance your sharing your kind experiences/views

Honestly, it can go either way.  Things in this part of the world are arbitrary at most times.  The requirement is indeed there i.e. for some nationalities, the husband's name must be in the passport of the wife.   The problem you have is that Etimad is not accepting the application.  You should try to file the application somehow and try out your luck.

If it doesn't work, change the passport.  The US visa will still remain valid but she will have to carry both passports when she is visiting the US.  You might have to update the new passport for the immigration process there but I don't think it will pose any issue.

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