Where can i learn dutch at Brussel

Dear Members ,

Currently i'm looking forward to learning dutch at Brussel to improve my level & get a job quickly as i have a good experience in shipping field & logistics .

Do you know any good school / center ?

You can learn in one of the many Dutch schools- CVO is 1 of the affordable options. You can enroll in House of netherlands near Annesens in Brussels

There is no language school called CVO! It means "adult education".

There are 3 CVOs in Brussels and if you are a Brussels resident, you can do the first 6 courses of Dutch for free, you pay just for the books. 1.1,1.2,2.1,2.2,2.3,2.4.

CVO Brussel
CVO Lethas

Just use google.
Courses follow the public school year. Course can be at flow, normal or accelerated speed.

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