How often is a Work visa for a Job in Malaysia rejected?

I was selected for a job in Malaysia and my company applied for an Employment pass (Category 2).

It’s been over 2 months but I’ve not yet received a confirmation. The company is assuring me but I’m just getting paranoid at this point. Last time I asked for an update last Friday, they said that they’re going to meet the Immigration officer and update me on the same this week.

I’m confused. It has taken over 2 months and why would they need to meet the immigration officer? Is this something that’s normal? Or should I give up any hope and start looking for another job? I’m from Sri Lanka btw and the employment pass is Category 2. My field is IT. Thanks in advance

The good news is that usually Rejections come quickly.

If you are dealing with an Agent or an Outsourcer then this is a longer process than a direct application by an employer.

Companies often have to balance their quotas of foreign staff. So sometimes time has to pass before a position can be finalised.

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