New citizen of hungry

Hi , I think I become national or Hungary after all

How can I get English assistance of start living in shangen ?

I seek assistance in :
national  health insurance
Bank account
Drivers license

Never been EU citizens before , how can I work in Berlin as HU member ?

I am slow learner and find it difficult to do things my own , Appreciate kind accessible assistance

Welcome, first question is do you speak or read Hungarian?
Why pick Hungary?
You state you need help in English.
Question is what has that factor have to do with becoming a Hungarian national?
Once one has answers then you can get more help as your question is very "open'

:)  Sir idont know nothing I am young

  I mentioned , I don't speak Hu, I am only Hu citizen now , my Hu l,ast ancestors died last year sadly , so I am alone in life struggling aspiring to become productive citizen .

ok but then your question makes no sense quote"Hi , I think I become national or Hungary after all'".................yet you just state " I am only Hu citizen now"
what is your nationality? why dont you approach your countries consulate and ask for help?

Sir , appreciates your curiosity ,  but you don't seems to truly interst in engagement to assist ,

I applied in Budapest 2 years ago , I live in SE Asia
I received email of final part,  long time ago , asian countries consultant is not available nor assisting in daily life ,

As I wrote in the original header that I have been offer a job in Berlin ,  I dont speak any other languages rather than English , Thier for
I am looking for assistance in getting things done .

Any more questions that may concern you ?

the curiosity stems from trying to understand in what way to help you. The questions are logical in order to advise you in the best possible manner or way to go.
You have now given even more information than before, suggest you approach your consulate and then the country you wish to go to their consulate.
On what you have so far supplied, I wish you all the wont be easy

Not sure if this is all a wind up troll.

Get assistance from the HU Embassy.

Sorry man  you're not an help ,  some one else can advise about city hall in hungary  that is friendly to assist new commer?

you have been told not just by me

Get assistance from the HU Embassy.


There is a process which you have to go through and the only way to get information and advice on the process is to contact the HU Embassy.
No such thing as a friendly city hall as they all have a process to follow too.

If you are not yet physically in Hungary then you should contact the closest HU embassy near you.
You can't just become a HU citizen out of nowhere just because your grandparents were HU citizens, you must have papers to prove it.
The city hall in Hungary only handles passports etc. for HU citizens everyone else must go through the immigration office or their own embassy.
You can get things like an address card at your district city hall but that's long off after you already can show on paper that you are either a resident, citizen or student, whatever the case may be.
My father was born in Poland but that does not make me a Polish citizen out of the blue.
Health insurance with national health is not automatic either.
You must be physically in Hungary for a year before you can join the program or have a job that takes care of it for you.
If you do not work in HU then you must pay out of pocket and one year up front and one year in actual time to be allowed to use the insurance other then for an emergency, even for returning HU citizens this is the case.
Pay one year up front, the second year you have coverage and do not have to pay the second year and after that you must pay monthly if your job doesn't cover it for you.
Driving papers, well you must take a HU driving test.
My husband took a professional driving course for 6 months in Hungary in 1968.
left the country for many years and returned.
Since he had already taken the HU driving tests he didn't need to redo it. He did have to turn in his US driving papers and get a physical though.
Bank account, not sure think you need an actual address in HU first to get one.

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