Need Medical insurance in Tenerife

Hi all,

We have just moved to Tenerife and found out we need full medical cover before applying for residency. I have been looking at the different options and am quite surprised at the cost of medical insurance. Cigna is the best value (still way more than I anticipated) so far at €277 a month for me and my partner. Bupa worldwide cover comes at an earth shattering €977 a month for us. I would love to find out which companies everyone in Tenerife recommends? We're not pensioners and might start a business but not immediately.
Many thanks

in at least theory everyone, even including those illegally in Spain,  can apply for free full medical cover paid for by Spain

I understand one would need to  go to the Social Seguridad  office for the area where one is living, and prove they do any have medical cover in order to obtain it.   

I had an American friend who was too old and infirm to obtail full medical cover privately.  He obtain free cover

Thank you for your reply. We are going to get a local company for medical cover. Unfortunately we have a container on its way to Tenerife and we have been told we will need to have our residency papers in order to collect it.

I would be very surprised if you really do need an EU Citizens Registration Certificate to collect the item you mention.   What would happen if it was  for a holiday home ? 

The cert might take a while

I would ask again and if necessary demand a complaints form !

That's an interesting question about people who have holiday homes... I will contact the shipping agent and my solicitor tomorrow to see what they say. Thanks for your help. 😊

Full medical coverage Adeslas Salud price is a 53 EUR in month and can contract in the all LaCaixa banc offices !

We have been using DKV for more than six years. It has been good so far.

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