Getting items to Jordan-Tax advice

I've asked my family to send me some items from my house in London to Jordan. These are used projector, camera (, mBOBLOV 1080P Full HD Mini Camera Dash Cam Police Body Bike H.264 Camcorder Wide Angle), medical bandages. My then my friend put a 50 ml alcohol bottle. I was charged 160 JD for the items, camera(£29)  was not allowed and destroyed, two bandages out of 3 were opened and lost its sterility (£30 each). The 50 ml alcohol need to be cleared from the health section prior releasing it or need to be destroyed in front of the health check officer.
As an advice, better NOT to get anything from outside Jordan. Tax is calculated on any items regardless if it is allowed to Jordan or not.

As an advice for you: check at forehand if items are allowed to bring them in and don't use the postal system again as it's not always trustful. Better bring them with you or your visitors.

Sorry for this bad experience.

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