Wrong expiry date in Application form EP

My employer applied my EP through online. They have provided a excel sheet to fill all the details. I have filled all the details but i have provided passport expiry date which is less then issue date wrongly in the excel sheet. Now i doubt whether they have provided same wrong information in Online application. can any one help whether validation of expiry date less than issue date is there in MOM online application. Currently i am unable to go back to them , since they will start noise on this since Application has been submitted already. Please help in this regards.

What is the purpose of asking here? You should have checked with your employer instead. No matter they feel bad or make noise.

There is no way you can check the details submitted by your employer nor we could help in this matter.

I believe they must have corrected as they have to upload your docs soft copies and must have checked against your inputs. Next time you should be cautious while filling any government forms. Good luck

Thanks for your reply. My employer provided to Third party firm(Fargomen). They use this Excel sheet to enter the application online. I checked with employeer , he was not aware and he said he will check with  the vendor. What i want to know is MOM online application should have there validation or not?. If yes, for sure vendor would have corrected the data and i will be confident.

How MoM website will check what your vendor has filled? It will pop up an error if the year is not matching to the scenarios (e.g. Year is less than current year or so). It will be only caught by someone at the time of verification in later stage.

If a third party vendor applied then you should check with them.

As I said before, the vendor has to upload soft copies of your documents. So, they must have checked and corrected.

Thanks sir. Because i have provided expiry date as 2016 instead of 2026...2016 is very old year...usually there should be a validation like expiry date should be less than issue date or will show only the future date to select..
If those validation is there, then vendor should have been corrected for sure.  Employer said he will check , but it will take long time...hence checking in the forum. If some one has experience of applying online , they can help on this to clarify.

Hi, Have you applied Application online before as employer. If so can you please clarify this

I have already told you that system won’t accept back dated expiry date, so your vendor must have corrected. Good luck

Hi, Thank you very much sir.

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