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What is the Portugal weather like in winter time. Is it similar to Cape Town or Durban?

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Lisbon gives a good idea of Portugal's weather, and you'll have an average high of 15ºC there in December. Things can get quite cool in the evenings, so bring some warmer clothes as temperatures drop to 9ºC at night. The sea temperature's 17ºC, while humidity's low. Average rainfall's 106mm over 14 rainy days.

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Hi Joelpdev1

It is very similar to Cape Town's REAL winter (not what we've had in the last few years of drought). In other words, cold and rainy at the same time.

The big difference is that the rain doesn't usually last long and you can have beautiful, sunny skies while still feeling icy cold!

We've had a few nights and early mornings drop to 1 deg in the last month or so.

The main thing to know is that Portugal is very humid. And this is not the "humid" we know as Saffas. It means it is DAMP all the time - even, and especially, in winter! The houses/apartments are not well built or well insulated, so most of them are very cold, very damp and quite mouldy. This means that you will feel a lot colder than the temperature given, and colder inside than outside.

Hope this helps as a start. I'll answer your other mail in detail later today :)

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I second that about the humidity.  The temperature doesn´t tell the story.   The cold humidity goes through your bones.  The lack of insulation and cost of heating means that you will likely be very uncomfortable here in  the winter, at least more uncomfotable than you were at home.  Consider yourself warned!

Well...@daffodil-11, I don't know if I'd say "more uncomfortable". South Africa has the same mentality as Portugal, it seems. They think it never gets cold enough for central heating and never hot enough for air conditioning (in most homes)! As a result, in SA, we also sit on top of oil heaters trying to stay warm through 4, maybe 5, months of the year, or burning endless fuel for fires! So actually, Joel will feel right at home (except for the "winter damp")..haha..

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