Job Search Visa

Hi Guys,
I wonder if anyone has gone through the same situation as mine.
I had applied for Residency under SMC(Skilled migrant category) with my family & I received Job search visa (JSV) for 12 months.
It is mentioned in JSV that upon job offer Or after working for 3 months case officer will give residency visa. Also mentioned that residency visa will be granted on case to case basis, so there is lot of ambiguity.

I asked case officer, assume I have job offer which meets all criteria then by when I will get residency visa.
Case officer replied, it will take 1 to 2 months to process residency visa after job offer is received. It can also take longer than that if offer is not clear.
After the entire process is complete, I will be granted residency visa with clause 49. The condition is I have to show that I worked in that job for 3 months & after 3 months I will be granted full residency visa.

With this scenario, I will follow below steps :-

1) After submitting valid job offer, immigration team will take 1 to 2 months, then I will get to know about Residency visa status, with some clause (no. 49) or its rejected.
2) If visa is granted then I will resign from India & serve 1 month notice period in India
3) Join company in NZ & work for 3 months.
4) After that residency visa will be unconditionally approved.

The BIG question is, If I will join any company in NZ after 2 to 3 months then I don’t think any employer will wait for me that long.
So, what should I do ?
It looks like I have to take risk,  once I receive job offer, I should resign from my current job & join company in NZ, assuming everything will go well & I will be granted residency visa.
If anything goes wrong then I lost the job in India & also lost the residency visa.

This is very frustrating as Job search visa is not helping to immigrate & all risk is at me.
Pl tell, if there are any success stories of immigration with Job search visa.


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