How to obtained Letter of Invitation

Hello, my name is Laura
I have Romanian boyfriend and i’m planning to visit him. I need a Letter of Invitation but we dont know how to obtain it. Does my boyfriend have to go to the immigration to obtain the letter or he can just make one and legalize it with notary? I need the information for the procedure to obtain the letter and the requirement documents, please help us

it depends where u belong,
cuz EU members have different rules requirements

I’m from Indonesia, that’s why i need the invitation letter, and from what i know EU members dont need invitation letter.

please ask your boyfriend to call me i can help,
Im from Pakistan but now in Bucuresti

It is very easy. Just go to immigration office and every thing will be done within 2 days.

Okaaaay thank youuu sooo much for your help

Thank you soo much

Just go to any notary public and not immigration.

is it okay if my fiancee just go to notary public? Because in the website they say that the letter needs to be approve by immigration

some countries can get invitation from Notary, some countries can get from Immigration department.
As i said, it need just 2 days to prepare and submit all the documents and with in 30 days you will get invitation letter.
Good Luck.

Do you know what document he needs to submit? I mean like all requirement document

Letter from Immigration means you are applying for Family Reunification visa / Visa D ( spouse or family member). As per your question in your thread you just want to visit, so the invitation letter you need is just from Notary Public.

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