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We arrived here in November and got the regular e visa as we were seeking employment. We did an extension for three months after the initial 30 day period was up. We now have jobs and letters of employment. Now, however our three month extension is almost up.
My question is do we have to leave the country to get another extension or can we simply re extend the same visa for another six months in country?
Our employer is starting on helping with the work permit process, but everyone seems unsure about my previous question.


If you got any of the E extensions of stay, like EB or EG, you can extend it now that you have a job.

For that you need an official letter from your employer including the official stamp.

After that, only after having an EB extension, you can apply for a work permit.

Note that the two are from different ministries, hence the separate procedure.

So first get your EB extension of stay and then apply for your work permit (can be done on line or by using an agent). No need to leave the country if your E extension is still valid.

Hope this helps.

Cambodia expert team

Thanks joe. So just to clarify, even though I have already extended this visa once I can just go to a travel agent and do it again? We do have the official stamped letters from the employer.

It's a pity you don't mention what type of E extension you have, makes it difficult to answer.

If you have an EG extension you should not extend it as now you got jobs and have to get an EB extension of stay, accompanied by the employer's letter. EG is for people searching for jobs, once they have found a job they have to change to EB (Business) extension of stay.

If you have an EB already, no problem to extend again.



Thanks joe. No I am pretty sure we did not get the EB visa. (Don’t have my passport on me at the moment) so to get a work permit I am assuming I need to have an EB visa? I am guessing I would have to leave the country and come back to change my EG visa to an EB visa? The company actually has an info session tomorrow so that might give some clarification but I trust your expertise.

No, you don't need to leave the country, just extend to an EB extension of stay, using the employer's letter.

You only have to leave the country when your EG extension expires.

Extensions take about 10 days if you're in PP, so hurry up!



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