New to Singapore what a wonderful spot

I have recently arrived in Singapore from Washington DC to join my wife and son that came last year. Although I have travelled here every other month to see them I am now very pleased to be here full time. What a terrific spot. Not having been here since the late nineties it is incomprehensible to me how far the country has come. My six year old attends the Singapore American School and loves it here. His mother is from Hong Kong and loves it here as well. Can’t wait to see what the next few years bring, I just need to find something to do!

Welcome to Singapore - I hope the good times continue!

The weather is a major drawback, but safety standard is much higher. If you are coming from US, then you must be knowing by this time, US is not even 10% safer compared to Singapore, leave aside terrorism. Enjoy your time with family.

Thank you. I have definitely noticed the safety issue and with a six year old it means the world to me. Since I grew up in a country that had five revolutions in twelve years and saw tanks and bombs I think of this as heaven!

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