Moving to china

Am hossam mattar a 24 years old male who lives in lebanon beirut like to work and live in china if anyone can help me in that ...
Contact me with someone who needs
An employee
I have a high school certificate
I know 3 languages
Arabic english and farsi (persian)
I have worked as a cashier and a floor manager for about 3 years in a resturant in beirut
Please if anyone can help me
I will so so appreciate that ...
I can't take it anymore in lebanon
It is so hard to live here

I can appreciate your desire to find a place to start and carve out a life for yourself. It is what a man does, and I applaud you in your efforts.

I have friends from Lebanon. Yes, it is a difficult place to be for a number of reasons. However, the people tend to be good, the food is great, and if you have your own business, you can make a decent life for yourself. Well, those are my opinions. Anyways.

Now, I have to give you some sad news. You will not be able to work in china without a university degree. The only way around this is to set up your own business in Lebanon, and then come to china and work for your business here. Alternatively, you can marry a local Chinese girl, but if you work it will have to be for your jointly owned family business. And your wife would have to have controlling interest in it.

All this being said, does not negate your hopes, your dreams and your desires.

If a mountain is in your way, you don't have to climb it. You can go around it, you can tunnel through it, you can dig under it, and you can fly over it. As they say in china; "there are many ways to get to Beijing".

Maybe china is not right for you NOW, at this moment. Maybe some other future is just waiting for you.

I want you to keep some things in mind; life is kind of odd with many twists and turns. You might be surprised how everything turns out. For a young man who is trying to build up your life, I have a blog post written just for you. I strongly recommend that you read it. You can see it here.

I believe that you will do great things. Be positive and believe.

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