Recommended garden nurseries for all plants -- trees through orchids

Well, for several months now, our pension-based resident-visa application paperwork for our move to Cabrera has been to-and-from the Washington Embassy.  But the time has not been wasted as we have been planning the hillside garden.  We have a good idea what we would like to plant and seek a diverse range of flora. 

We are now looking for recommendations on a variety of garden nurseries that sell the spectrum of plants available on the island.  We would welcome your suggestions.   Thanks in advance!

A little far from you, but we just went to Viveros La Union, just the west side of Sosua, and it was fantastic.  So much choice, and excellent service.  We could have packed a lunch, and stayed all day.  The best part is, they have several sizes of the same plant, so you can be patient and grow the smaller one for less money, or buy the larger one and skip the growing pains.  Plus they have wondering puppies, kittens, geese and some turkeys!

Nagua is your closest town, so if you Google 'vivero en Nagua', you come up with 4 vivero's ( garden centre for plants), and they look quite decent.

Vivero y Jardinería Cecilia

E&G Orquideas y Más

VIVERO DE CACAO NAGUA  Ministry of Agriculture set up and not only Cacao

Thanks, UncleBuck and lennoxnev.  Your suggestions will get us rolling!

Nagua (again) is a good suggestion

La Union near POP airport is really good and has a Cabrera connection
whereby the truck I mentioned  for  pasolas goes there regularly - he sells to them

In El Breton - go to Omary...there are 2 or 3 next to each other
My man is in el Breton too.
Edwin - when you see a big white wall on the ocean side,  watch for a little road
on the opposite side.... he's just up there 50-75yds
Coste Norte..vivero

Cabrera - per se- has no viveros

Thanks, WillieWeb.  Although we saw no signs, we suspected those locations in El Breton were viveros.  Good to have confirmation!

Cappucino in Abreu is a Café, fresh milk place and a nursery. A little pricey, but not bad. There are a few along the road from Cabrera to Rio San Juan. Also, if you find a good one and can ask if they have lipstick palms, post that here!

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