Setia eco park review and coming to work near Utama Shopping Centre


Anyone living in Setia eco park, this property looks really cool. I would have to come to near  Utama Shopping Centre which is approx 23 kms/ 30 mins drive.

I don't mind daily commute as this property will be really nice for a family with Tenby schools near by which is in our list for kids

Any views, please

Thanks in advance

Commute to One Utama would be much longer than 30 minutes by car because its a series of notorious traffic areas with everyone travelling north in the morning and south in the afternoon.

Rents are RM4k upwards per month

Essential to check availability of school places at Tenby as well as there can be wait lists etc.

Thanks for reply Gravitas !

Well, Tenby school is manageable for admission. I know its far but good location to live. Any other places which we look within the KL possibly opposite direction of peak traffic.

Also, schools are concerns looks like all the schools are in outskirts of the city


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