Time required for Belgium VISA D when applying together with family

I am planning to submit the Belgium long stay visa application for myself and my family(Visa D article 10 bis 2) together. We are from India but currently residing outside and we are applying from the VFS center outside India.

How much time would it take if all documents are in proper order. Will I receive all the visa's together?

Also with regards to the birth certificates that I need to attest from India, is a stamp from Belgium embassy required or the apostle will be ok.

We plan to submit the application by next week all all responses will be appreciated


Apostilled documents doesn’t need any additional stamping.

All these questions are discussed in existing threads. Very same question answered this week: https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.p … =2#4486549

It is a good idea to research existing threads and if you don’t find the answer there, follow up on an existing thread on similar topic than opening a new thread for each question.

Normal processing time is 5-7 working days. The other thread I quoted has detailed info.

Hi Aneesh.. Thanks for the response. Actually today we were at the embassy of Belgium in qatar to legalise some documents. During this we asked them about the durations and they said since I have a visa it will be quick, and families will take 1 to 2 months! This made me nervous because I have a notice period of 2 months in the company after resignation and I do not want to resign without having the visas in hand. If the family visa takes 2 months than this would kill my plans and commitment made to the Belgium company. But I did not tell them what type of visa I will be applying for family ie article 10 bi's 2..could this be the reason. They also said all documents will be sent to belgium.

I assume you and your family has resident status in Qatar. If so, the consulate there can make a decision normally. If the files are sent to Belgium, then yes, it is going to take a long time and when the decision is made, your family must visit Belgian consulate in qatar for the visa stamping. Think it through and doublecheck with the consulate again.

Yes we have a resident permit here. I will check with them again. If they are sending it to belgium, then I will exit the country and do it from India. Let's see.  But I will have to do the medicals and pcc again from there I guess. I have my original work permit in hand anyway.

Hello Aneesh. I was with the Belgium Embassy in Qatar today and it seems they are not well versed in the procedure for Article 10 bis 2. They told me to apply together, so I get my visa first, then I need to travel to Belgium alone, obtain the RP and then my family gets visa.

So I finally decided to apply from India, Any suggestions whuch is the best VFS center in India with lots of experience in this. I am from Kerala.

Also I was not able to find the article 10 bis 2 documents required list from the VFS India website, could you guide me.


The one in Kochin.

Documents requirements are standard.

Hello Aneesh

Would appreciate if you could share the link showing the documents needed for myself and family. I am not sure if its same as the one I received from the embassy here in Qatar

Dear All

We face a new issue from vfs India.. They said I can only apply from the country that I am residing in if more than 6months months in that country. That means I cannot apply from India

And to apply from Qatar I have the complication like I said in my posts above. They cannot provide visa for my family unless I have an rp.. So I am basically stuck with no clue what to do..

Can someone provide some advise plss


In qatar are you working with VFS or are you working direct with consulate ?

Normally it should be with vfs, but they have no idea, and hence I had to communicate with embassy direct.

If Belgian consulate of Qatar says they cannot process your wife's application now (It is very strange - as the consulate in India does accept both applications together), then you have no other option of you applying first and get your visa from Qatar, your wife moves back to India, you arrive here in Belgium, get your RP and your wife applies for her visa later, with VFS in India.

And to the point that you cannot apply in VFS India - I am not fully convinced. I know someone from Kerala who was working in Saudi, resigned his job there when he got offer with a Belgian company, went back to Kerala and applied for visas to Belgium in VFS Kochi. If you can PM me, I can connect you with that person.

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